Indonesia, A “Religious Nation” ?

Posted on December 3, 2012


Many Indonesians claim that we are religious nation (negara beragama). They argued that It is called religious nation because of the first principle of Pancasila. “Even though the country neither support nor endorse one particular religion or it is not based on one religion, It is not a secular country. Therefore we’re religious nation. The government gets involved in religion affair, so we have Ministry of Religious Affairs (Menteri Keagamaan)” However i find that the claim of Indonesia being a religious nation is a sort of blasphemy to the sacredness of religion. Even the so called “Kementerian Keagamaan” had corrupted money, that is being used to purchase Holy Books. Disgusting, indeed! How can you call a country  “a religious nation”, when its society is in serious decay of moral:

1. Its bureaucrat, public servants and even several of its citizens are corrupt.

2. Honesty is despised. In contrast, dishonesty is preferred. Hypocrites are everywhere.

3. Laws are made to be broken not to be obeyed.


The list can go much longer, but i’ll leave the rest to you. I don’t like to list negative things.

While I do not challenge the notion of “religious nation”. I find the claim is deeply offensive to the religion. If Indonesia is really a religious country, the behaviour of its people must be religious. That’s logical, isn’t it?.  And we’re all agree that the general teachings of ANY religions will most likely opposed to the 3 points above.

Indonesians, please don’t be angry if those “New Atheist” guys like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, etc. want to wipe religion off the planet because of your contradicting claim.  You guys have just dragged religion into the lower level according to them.

Don’t be hypocrite, religion is to be believed and to be applied to our daily life, not just a “lip-service”, “social-status” and to avoid being called as ‘PKI’ (Communist). Even there are communists who are still religious. So I’m confused by this kind of common Indonesian stereotype that Communism means Godless (?)

Have a good day.