“Houston, we’ve had a problem!”

Posted on December 3, 2012


Note: This post was actually written on September 24, 2012. But i just decided to post it now.


No, I’m not an astronaut or even those famous Apollo XIII guys. I just tried to make a “catchy” title for this post.

The “wishful” cry of many students that have just graduated and passed National College Entrance Exam is “Yeah, finally we get rid of all those nonsense exams!” . Many of them feel happy and in several month things will change 180 degree. Their euforia will diminish and eventually will be dissappeared as soon as they entered the Universities/Institutes they had choosen.

Did i think that being a freshmen in the college is something cool and appealing? Yes, I usually thought like that when i was in high school. but now, it’s like in the hell. It’s like being trapped inside amazon with all those native Indian pointing their arrows at you. The main point is, I’m now being trapped inside the place that I have little or even no knowledge about it before and to make it worst, this place doesn’t make any welcoming gestures, instead, it shows its unwelcome gestures–at its best. Dozens of assignments keep coming and coming. It’s like allied bombing campaign on German cities in World War II. It keeps coming, you try to “counter-attack” it, hoping to reduce and halt it…. And it shows no signs of weakening!!!

So yeah, hopefully i can overcome these upcoming hard days. I hope.

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