The ‘WYSIWYG’ Life ?

Posted on April 17, 2013


Sometimes, I’m just thinking that life is kinda fake. If you’ve heard about The WYSIWYG principle, it does not apply to the life. What you see is sometimes what you get. Well, The “what you get” could be something appeared on the surface. And why is it sometimes? Well, it’s because there’s also some probability that what you see is indeed what you get. I can’t figure out the exact probability as it depends on the situation and context. Have you heard the saying “Do not judge the book by its cover”? Honestly that saying does not fit well by this definition. For ages, life’s been working this way, but only in this internet age. “the fake/deceptive nature of life” exacerbates.

The anonymity provided by the internet.seems to be liberating human. You can say whatever you want, you can express your ideas without the feeling of being threatened. Well, it’s a good thing, but humans are inclined to do bad thing, hence the negative outcomes. Having used Internet for about 8 years (I started using internet in 2005) I’ve been virtually witnessing all the possible felonies that could be commited by sane individuals (Yeah, only sane individual! The insane individuals can’t be prosecuted of course) on the internet. What startled me was every individual who commited the crime on the internet seemed to be a good, law-abiding citizen in the real life.

Now let’s move from the criminal-related behaviours. Because i also saw some non-criminal related, unique phenomenon on the internet as well. What kind of phenomenon? Well, I can say the I-can-be-180-degree-different-from-the-real-life phenomenon. Most of this phenomenon is happening on social media, such as twitter, facebook, etc. For example, a guy in his real life could be known as tough, resilient person. But on social media he could be known as a man of unstable emotion. Or maybe the nerd guy you know could be the center of attention on the internet, usually by using anonym identity. Another example is that the guy of center attention could be passive on the social media (Internet). For this reason, I didn’t immediately judge the character of a person on the internet unless i met he/she in the real life. The deceptive nature of the character of an individual on the internet should be wisely understood.

Both the virtual life and the real life actually works the same way. What makes it different is that the deception in the real life has a greater chance to be discovered as it has the lesser degree of anonymity or even nonexistant at all.

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