Why we are having “nostalgia”?

Posted on April 7, 2015


Why are we having nostalgia? Well to know that we have to to find out the contributing factors to “nostalgia”.
In my opinion, we tend to have a nostalgia when we’re in a bad mood or condition. We only remember good things in the past during nostalgia. That’s called selective memory.
You are in a stressful college life. If that’s the case, then your selective memory will bring you back to certain events in your life that is comparable to some degrees. For example: You had had a good and joyful times in the elementary school. Or the joyful life you had prior to the college life
Nostalgia is actually good as medicine to our current state of mind. It serves as a painkiller. However, too much nostalgia is harmful. Being stuck to the past life is the least thing we want.

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