The Pursuit of Happiness

Posted on May 7, 2015


One of the greatest pursuit of a human being is happiness. Humans are so obsessed with the happiness. We want it so bad, that even in our effort to pursue the happiness, we would trade off our existing happiness so that we could get another, better happiness.

To understand this, we need to take a brief look at one of the basic of human nature. We are greedy creatures, which explains why our appetite for the satisfaction for achievements is unlimited. We tend to aim for higher achievements which makes us neglect the achievements which we already got. It is certain that worries will accompany us in the process of acquiring the happiness,. We aren’t sure as to whether we really could acquire the happiness, hence the worries. Keep in mind that worries are good. It keeps our effort in check so that we keep striving to be successful on our plan to acquire the happiness. However, there are chances that we’d fail in the process of meeting our goal. Some people that couldn’t cope with that reality would likely develop their worries into a full-blown depression. Indeed, this is the most critical part in this process. If we can overcome it, then we’re set for the happiness.

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