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The Pursuit of Happiness

May 7, 2015


One of the greatest pursuit of a human being is happiness. Humans are so obsessed with the happiness. We want it so bad, that even in our effort to pursue the happiness, we would trade off our existing happiness so that we could get another, better happiness. To understand this, we need to take a […]

Why we are having “nostalgia”?

April 7, 2015


Why are we having nostalgia? Well to know that we have to to find out the contributing factors to “nostalgia”. In my opinion, we tend to have a nostalgia when we’re in a bad mood or condition. We only remember good things in the past during nostalgia. That’s called selective memory. You are in a […]

On Life…

April 7, 2015


Life is a creature for me. It is somewhat a mysterious creature for me. I’d rather spending my whole life learning rocket science than learning a creature called “Life”. No matter how hard it is to comprehend bunch of equations and scientific laws of rocket science, it is already there. Somebody had figured it out […]

The ‘WYSIWYG’ Life ?

April 17, 2013


Sometimes, I’m just thinking that life is kinda fake. If you’ve heard about The WYSIWYG principle, it does not apply to the life. What you see is sometimes what you get. Well, The “what you get” could be something appeared on the surface. And why is it sometimes? Well, it’s because there’s also some probability […]

The Nuclear War Almost Happened on January 25, 1995

February 5, 2013


I was doing some random googling that led me to a discovery that the world have been so close to Nuclear Apocalypse. Here it is. There was one major event that took place on January 25, 1995 and it seems that both the event and the date are largely unknown to the people these days. […]

Indonesia, A “Religious Nation” ?

December 3, 2012


Many Indonesians claim that we are religious nation (negara beragama). They argued that It is called religious nation because of the first principle of Pancasila. “Even though the country neither support nor endorse one particular religion or it is not based on one religion, It is not a secular country. Therefore we’re religious nation. The […]

Avoid “Labelling” in discussion or debate.

August 30, 2012


“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Seems like a familiar words? Of course! We used to hear that saying. But one must wonder whether that words–to be exact that proverbs¬†–could also be applied in the matter of discussion or debate. Although in much more broader and different context and different “cover” thing. The implementation […]